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About us

We began making soap after researching what goes into commercial products.  We discovered that commercial soaps and body washes aren’t really soap at all – instead they are detergent!  Take a look at the labels and you will notice they don’t even say soap.  Commercial companies add chemicals such as detergent and formaldehyde to soap to clean your shower.  It takes less than 10 seconds for your skin – your largest organ – to absorb these chemicals.   Lotions and lip balms contain petroleum – to prevent your skin from absorbing the moisture.  This means the consumer has to apply more often, and buy over and over. 

We created each one of our products from scratch.  Our mission is simple: create safe and effective body products.  We needed moisture, and we needed gentle.  Our household is full of sensitive skin and allergies.  Every product we have we developed with a purpose in mind. Every person in our home uses each of our products with confidence.  And our lives- and skin - have forever been changed.  

Our family has seen a huge improvement to the quality of our skin since making the switch to handmade soap and body products.  We no longer wash our bodies with harmful chemicals, but bathe in luxury. 




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