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Artisan Nail Dips

Nail dip is an acrylic powder for your nails.  With the proper dip liquids, your nails will shine like gel and will be strong like traditional acrylic.  No false tips or UV lamps required!  Nail dip can be applied directly to the natural nail.  With proper application, manicures can last 2-3 weeks.  Dips are easily removed by soaking in acetone. 

Nail Dips require Dip liquid to work. You can use any Nail Dip liquid system you would like with dip powder.  Ours will be stocked on the site soon.

Other recommended tools:
Rubbing Alcohol
Nail File
Buffing File
Cuticle Pusher
Orange Stick 

Each 1/2 jar will yield approximately 10 complete manicures depending on nail length.  All nail dip photos are with 2 dips.  You can dip as many times as desired!  We recommend 1-2 dips of color, and 2-3 dips of clear for added strength.  We use large 1oz jars to allow more room for dipping.  Please note each powder is weighed, and each pigment varies in weight. Some jars may appear fulle than others, but all weigh 1/2 oz.

Stay tuned for videos showing application, removal and other tips!  Be sure to join our Facebook group for tips and to share pictures of your manicure!  The photos on the website cannot capture the beauty of the dips.  Manicures help them pop! 



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